Features of Softphone mode

Simultaneous use of different tariffs

From one Telegram account, you may simultaneously use SIP accounts linked to different tariffs, managed by different administrators.

For example, one Telegram user may be an employee of a company and use a work SIP account (paid by the administrator), while paying for a softphone for personal use himself at the same time.

Deactivating unused accounts

SIP accounts with no incoming or outgoing calls for more than 3 months are deactivated to save resources. @siptg_bot sends a notification at the moment of disconnection, when to turn on the account is up to the user.

Conflict when using the same SIP accounts

When adding SIP accounts with the same authorization data for different users, previously active accounts will be disabled, and their owner will receive a notification from @siptg_bot about an attempt to use his SIP-account by another user.

Settings for the Firewall

  • If you are using the Firewall to protect your PBX, make sure that the current addresses of our Worker servers from which you connect to PBX are on the white list.

All our server addresses are listed in the file:

From time to time we update our network of Worker-servers, we report about it in the news channel @siptg_news (we recommend that administrators subscribe to it).

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