Telegram softphone for yourself and business (SIP-client)

Reliable and convenient Telegram, saves battery life, works even on unstable Internet connections anywhere in the world. Suitable for personal use and teams of any size.

Call your personal or business phone numbers from any device with Telegram.

How it works

All setup can be done by yourself.
If you have any questions, please contact our support team.
Don't know what a SIP account and a softphone are? Read this article
To receive and make calls over the telephone network (PSTN) in Telegram you need to have a SIP-account (login, password, server address) to which your personal or work number is tied.
SIP-account details are specified in @siptg_bot in the /softphone section (it is possible to connect several SIP-accounts)
After connecting the account in the bot, calls are accepted and made through a special Telegram account @siptg
It is possible to connect multiple SIP-accounts, transfer configured accounts to other users (friends or employees)
Payment is made in the bot by connecting the appropriate tariff for the required number of SIP-accounts (1, 3, 10 or more)

Application schemes

Scheme "Consumer"
For personal and work roaming, travel, immigration numbers
Scheme "Office"
For teams and employees working remotely (including CRM)
Scheme "Multiple DIDs"
For easy collection of calls from multiple numbers (up to 1000 SIP-accounts)

Benefits of a Telegram Softphone

Works on any device. Telegram works great on laptops, mobiles, tablets, computers, watches, TVs, etc. Calls can be received on Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux (and other UNIX), Xbox One and even the web version.
Ideal for mobile devices. On mobile devices, Telegram saves battery power and does not go to "sleep" mode, calls are adapted even for slow and unstable Internet connection.
Simple setup and administration. Connection of SIP-accounts is made in a few actions through the bot, and then you can use them yourself, or pass them to friends or coworkers.
Many important functions. Second line call, call transfer and hold, general contact list with PBX, line selection to make a call, DTMF keypad for interaction with the voice menu, etc.
Works anywhere in the world where Telegram works. Telegram's infrastructure and resiliency are among the best in the world. SIP.TG servers are already deployed in data centers in five countries and can be scaled up quickly if necessary.


The cost of using the Telegram Softphone depends on the number of SIP-accounts you need to connect. The number and duration of calls for each account is unlimited.

It is possible to test with Free or Trial rates. Payment is made by cards of any payment system or by invoice for legal entities.
Contact our customer service or partners for an estimate on a business rate. We provide discounts for non-profit and educational institutions.
1,5 EUR/month per account
1, 3 or 10 SIP accounts
  • for personal use and small businesses
  • tech support on a first-come, first-served basis


from 100 EURO/month
from 20 to 1000 SIP-accounts
  • for medium and large businesses
  • task analysis, configuration design, assistance in implementation
  • priority support
  • the ability to flexibly change the number of accounts


Frequent questions


The SIP.TG server infrastructure is secure, stable and productive. However, if there are special requirements for confidentiality of call data and accounts, or if you need to handle a huge number of calls with performance guarantees, we allow you to deploy the necessary infrastructure on your own servers.
The SIP.TG platform can transparently integrate with any existing infrastructure and products of telecom operators and large companies.

We invite cooperation from vendors PBX, system integrators, telecom operators and bloggers. Tell us about yourself and find out the rules of our partner program.