The SIP.TG Telegram Gateway for voice calls connects as a standard SIP trunk to any SIP PBX and allows you to receive and make many simultaneous calls through a single company Telegram account.

Use the popularity, convenience and reliability of Telegram for your business!

Telegram Gateway for voice calls to PBX (SIP trunk)

Prepare Telegram account for receiving calls
Through @siptg_bot create a session in the section /gateway, get SIP trunk details or use another method of communication with the PBX
Set up call routing on the PBX and/or CRM system, test the flow of calls
All settings can be done independently.
If you have any questions, please contact our support service.
Pay the required tariff (Start or Business)
Let everyone know that you are now accepting calls via Telegram

Implementation scenario

Advantages Telegram-gateway

Significant savings on international telephony
  • Being in another country, roaming or emigrating is no longer a barrier to voice communication with business
  • No restrictions on the number or duration of calls
  • Ability to make outgoing calls to your clients
Suitable for help desks and sales departments of any size
  • Supports up to 100 simultaneous conversations through one Telegram account
  • Easy integration with support bots, crm or helpdesk systems, websites, online chats or other software
  • Works with almost any CRM system
Convenience for customers, increasing the level of service and advertising conversion
  • Business calls are now free from anywhere in the world
  • You can call from any of your devices, computer or tablet, not just your phone
  • Many additional functions (DTMF, auto answer, etc.)
  • High degree of call privacy
  • Perfectly complements any advertising or sales channel in Telegram
Quick connection to any PBX (Asterisk, 3CX, FreePBX, Oktell, FreeSWITCH, etc.)
  • Connects like a standard SIP trunk in a few minutes
  • Does not require major changes to the existing telephony infrastructure
  • DTMF keyboard is supported for interacting with the PBX voice menu
  • The logic for processing and making calls on the PBX side is retained, as well as the ability to record calls

Applicable in all industries

International trading
Call Centers
Private calls


The number of lines means the number of simultaneous conversations through the connected Telegram-account. The number and duration of calls on each line is not limited. Setting up and testing is possible with the Free plan. Payment is possible by cards of any payment systems or by invoice for legal entities.


  • for small and medium businesses
  • technical support on a first-come, first-served basis


  • for medium and large businesses
  • task analysis, configuration design, implementation assistance
  • priority support
  • possibility of flexible change of the number of lines during peak loads
from 2 to 5 lines
the price for 1 line depends on the payment term:
from 10 lines
from 200.00 EUR/month
For assistance in setting up or preliminary cost calculation for the Business tariff, please contact our support service or partners. We provide discounts to non-profit and educational institutions.
12 months = 4.80 EUR/month
 3 months = 8.00 EUR/month
 1 months = 12.00 EUR/month

Frequent Questions

Data privacy

The SIP.TG server infrastructure is secure, stable and productive. But if there are special requirements for the confidentiality of call and account data, or the need to process a huge number of calls with a performance guarantee, we allow you to deploy the infrastructure for the Gateway on your own modules.
The SIP.TG platform can be transparently integrated with any existing infrastructure and products of telecom operators and large companies.

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