Transferring tariff control to another user

This function will help you pay for the SIP.TG service from different accounts Telegram.

Two tariff transfer algorithms have been implemented:
  • transfer of tariff plan management to another user (change of options and renewal), while the sender remains the owner of the tariff
  • transfer of ownership of the tariff, while the sender retains the right of control, but it can be revoked by the new owner)
Any connected tariff has the function of transferring it to another user

Principle of transfer of control

To transfer tariff control In the settings, you need to click the “Send” button, select a user from the list of chats and confirm sending a special request message. The new user will have 5 minutes to confirm receipt.

After transferring the tariff, both the recipient and the owner of the tariff can change the tariff plan options and renew it. In this case, the internal balance of the user who makes the change will be used: both for additional payment and for returning the overpayment in case of recalculation.

Notifications about the expiration of a tariff plan will only be sent to the user who is an administrator (manages the tariff).
When transferring ownership of a tariff the sender retains the ability to edit the settings or renew the tariff until the new owner explicitly takes control of the tariff from him.

To fully transfer a tariff plan, a new user must meet the following requirements:

  • the tariff plan must have an expiration date
  • At the time of transfer, the new user should not have the same tariff plan active
  • the internal balance of the old user must be at least 5 EUR (to prevent tariff transfer from one account to another to make spam calls)
  • the tariff plan must be open (available for connection to all users, custom tariffs may not be transferred and may be locked to a specific account)

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