Scheme "Personal"

Allows you to receive and make calls from your phone number in Telegram. Works with any DID number, mobile or landline, in any country.
Cost from 150 rubles / month.
Convenient for receiving and making calls in cases of location:
While roaming (travelling, emigrating)
Outside cellular coverage but with internet (wifi)
Try SIP.TG Telegram Softphone for personal use if you are already actively using Telegram and IP telephony tools.

There is no need to use third-party software, telecom operator applications, the need to switch between applications is reduced. Calls can be received from any of your devices, computer, tablet, cell phone, etc.

Appreciate the reliability and convenience of Telegram for receiving calls, battery saving, working even on unstable Internet connections anywhere in the world. Telegram voice algorithms are specially adapted for weak channels and mobile devices, unlike the classic SIP-telephony.

Use your Telegram account to receive and make calls from any number of SIP-accounts, share configured accounts with friends, family or colleagues.

Second line call, transfer and hold calls are supported.

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Instructions on how to receive and make calls through @siptg robot

Getting set up

To configure the softphone you will need the details of your SIP-account, which you will need to pass to our bot @siptg_bot. SIP-account can be purchased from one of the many service providers, or issued by the administrator of your corporate or personal PBX.

  • Some mobile operators (GSM) allow you to get SIP-requisites for their phone number, then you can specify them immediately to our bot.

  • If you need incoming from your mobile or city number, but your service provider does not allow to get SIP settings, then you need to buy a DID number from your region at one of the IP-telephony providers, the details of the appropriate SIP-account to specify the bot, and then set forwarding to it from your number(recommended operators of ip-telephony for different zones).

  • With some providers you can buy an account only for outgoing calls, and the number from which calls will not be attached to you and call back on it you will not be able to, but it's much cheaper than buying your own number.

With this in mind, scheme works for phone numbers in all regions and carriers.

How to configure the bot

setting up call forwarding from a mobile or landline number to yourself in Telegram
Set up a SIP account to forward calls from a mobile or landline to yourself in Telegram
Contact @siptg_bot, switch to /softphone
Press the "New" button and enter the details of the SIP account to be connected
Usually it is enough to specify login, password, server (optionally also domain and port) and/or select Server Template of your service provider or type of used PBX.

More information about using Server Templates
Allow incoming calls from @siptg account
This is done in the settings of the Telegram application:
☰ → Settings → Privacy → Calls → Always allow → Add → @siptg (SIP.TG calls)

After setting the setting, send any message to the @siptg account to explicitly activate the privacy settings. You can ignore the response from the robot.
Check the work on the free tariff and pay tariff Softphone-Start
To test the softphone work you can call to the number of connected SIP-account (the call must come from @siptg account) or by sending the number to make a call to @siptg account (a callback or offer to call to @siptg account will come).

Instructions how to receive and make calls through @siptg robot

Features scheme Consumer

  • If you have more than one linked SIP-account when you make an outgoing call through @siptg account you will be offered to choose the necessary one.

  • SMS messages are not transmitted

If you need to collect calls from a large number of numbers or manage SIP-accounts of the team, read the schemes Multiple DIDs or Office.

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