Managing SIP accounts

All SIP-accounts connected and transferred to other users (except those created and transferred by Method 3 for scheme Office through the link with settings) are available in the /softphone bot @siptg_bot.

Administrator can change settings, disable, reassign a user and delete, take back a SIP-account, all this is done without prior permission or any action from users of SIP-accounts.
Any of the accounts displayed in Softphone mode can be transferred to another user

Assigning users to SIP accounts

To transfer a SIP account to a user (employee) to make calls, click the "Transfer" button in the account card, select the user from the contact list, select the transfer method and confirm sending a special message. The recipient must press the "Receive" button within 5 minutes.
Transferring an account is possible in two ways:

"Assign a user to a SIP account" (function for scheme Office)
  • The user is assigned an account to use, he can not administer it
  • User cannot transfer the account to another user or delete it (deletion returns the account to the administrator)
  • Such an account is paid from the administrator's subscription
  • Such accounts are displayed in the administrator's /softphone, their settings can be edited by the administrator at any time

"Transfer SIP account (unbundle from tariff)" (for further use by schemes Consumer, Multiple DIDs)
  • In this case, the recipient receives the entire account and can transfer it to another user or delete it if necessary
  • The recipient has to pay for such accounts himself at the Softphone-Start rate, or they are paid for him by the service provider.
  • Such accounts are no longer visible to the administrator in the /softphone, and from the admin subscription are not paid (but can be brought back by the administrator, if you specify a password for the SIP-account, see below)

How to take back a SIP account

After transferring the SIP account, the "Transfer back" button will appear in the chat with the recipient. In order for the administrator to return the account to himself, he must know the password for the account, the password need only be entered with a space after the numeric ID, which will appear in the draft when the button is clicked. After entering the correct password, you will be prompted to take the account back.

The transfer will not take place if the new owner has deleted the account or entered an incorrect password.

You can also choose to give the account back to the sender. To do so, he/she needs to click the "Transfer back" button at the chat message (where the settings were received), and also confirm sending a special message.

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