Using Server Templates

When connecting SIP accounts (via a bot using buttons in the interface, or a message mentioning @siptg_bot), instead of specifying all the details and technical details of the connection (registration server, domain, port, codecs, dtmf, conversion rules), you can use server templates.
We have already configured more than 30 templates for popular telecom operators and PBX types, all of them are available both in the bot's graphical interface and as a tooltip when it is mentioned.

  • If you are setting up a large number of SIP accounts from a popular telecom operator, or you are setting up a connection with a popular PBX, you can check with the support service for the availability of a template for your case.

  • Even if there is no ready-made server template, the support service will most likely promptly make a new template for you, or help you figure out the connection settings necessary in your case.

You can also always connect a SIP account without using server templates by specifying the necessary details and technical details “manually”.

If you are not sure which value to specify in your case, try leaving the corresponding field empty, then the popular default value will be used.

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Learn more about setting up number conversion rules

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