Using server templates

When connecting SIP accounts (via bot buttons in interface, or by message mentioning @siptg_bot) instead of specifying all details and technical details of connection (registration server, domain, port, codecs, dtmf, conversion rules) you can use server templates.
We have already configured more than 30 templates for popular service providers and types PBXThe bot's graphical interface and a tooltip when you mention it are all available to you.

  • If you have to configure a large number of SIP-accounts from a popular service provider, or you set up a connection with a popular PBX, you can check the availability of a template for your case with the support service.

  • Even if you don't have a server template ready to go, the support team will most likely be able to quickly create a new one for you, or help you figure out what connection settings you need in your case.

You can also always connect a SIP account without using server templates by specifying the necessary details and technical details "manually".

If you are unsure which value to specify in your case, try leaving the relevant field blank, then the popular default value will be used.

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More information on setting up number conversion rules

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