Payment methods and auto-renewal

Payment for SIP.TG functionality and resources is accepted via @siptg_bot.

Payment can be made in one of the ways:
  • directly from the card of the required tariff in the /tariff bot by the "Start payment" button
  • from the user's internal account, having previously topped up their balance in the /balance bot

Currency and payment system used are set in the section /paysystem bot.

Payment methods through the bot

For users of international payment systems:

Bank card (via Stripe payment system)
  • Payment takes place through the payment acceptance interface within Telegram
  • Supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express
  • There is a function to save card and auto-renew from it

  • Payment is made through an external window in the web browser

  • Many different kinds

Account for legal entities
  • The bot generates a PDF-file for payment by bank transfer (you must first tell the support service the legal details of the company, the minimum payment of the account is 100 euros)
For users from the Russian Federation, it is possible to accept payments through a partner:

Banking card
  • Sber, Tinkoff, Alfa, etc., including the Mir payment system
  • There is a function of saving card and auto-renewal with n

Account for legal entities
  • Bot generates a PDF file for payment by bank transfer (you must first inform the support service legal details of the company, the minimum payment on the bill 10 000 rubles)

The above methods can be used to top up your internal balance as well as to pay for the activation of your tariff plan.

If you need customized terms, please contact customer service.

Auto-renewal and notifications

We have implemented automatic tariff plan renewal at the expense of funds on the internal balance of SIP.TG (section /balance bot). When the paid period for the selected tariff will come to an end @siptg_bot will send a notification.

By refilling the balance in advance for a long time will not be necessary to monitor the expiration of the tariff plan and notifications, every time you click "Renew", subscriber fee will be charged automatically. You will also get a small but pleasant discount when you pay for a long period.

Auto-renewal can be disabled and then enabled at any time.

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