Gateway implementation scenario for sales or support teams on Telegram

If your company promotes its products or services in Telegram through its own channel, you can simply add a phrase like:
"Any questions? Call us at @somecompany_sales".

If your company provides support services in Telegram, it is sufficient to connect the Gateway to the support account and mention on the contact page as well as in the welcome message template that it is possible to communicate by voice if you call the account.

By connecting the Gateway, your company employees will also be able to make outgoing calls on behalf of the company's Telegram account.

Communicating by voice often takes much less time and effort, while being more informative, and many customers will prefer this method of communication.

Bot to answer questions

If you already have a bot in use to answer questions, Gateway will most likely need to be connected to a separate account. In this case, it is convenient to add a suggestion to call a separate call account to the bot's welcome message.

Sometimes there are homemade bots linked to full-fledged Telegram accounts that retain the ability to call them in their profile. You can link a Gateway to such bots and receive calls directly to the bot's main account.

A separate account for calls

It is often convenient to have a separate account for voice calls (@somecompany_calls). To prevent users from texting their questions to this account, you can activate the Auto Answer feature in the Gateway settings, which will remind users that this account is for calls only.

Read more about the Auto Answer feature, DTMF keypad, Line and Call Back buttons

Using PBX functions

If your employees use an office or virtual PBX, customers can be offered a voice menu, call records can be saved, during a call employees can redirect the call between themselves by short numbers, all incoming calls will be redistributed between available employees according to PBX logic.

Learn more about how to configure registration between the Gateway and the PBX

Integration with CRM

If your employees use CRM system for handling incoming and outgoing calls, then in order to integrate the Gateway with CRM it is enough for your PBX to support external number connection function (not locked to use one operator), or it has a possibility to connect one more external SIP-connector.

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