Error codes

SIP.TG always gives a description of the error. Some of the errors come from the IP telephony provider side, some are internal SIP.TG errors, such as trying to use a disabled Worker, SIP account or rate plan limitation for a call.

Typical errors on the side of the IP-telephony service provider (provider)
If you encounter these errors, it is very likely that you should contact the provider's support service (the description text may differ).
401 Unauthorized

403 Auth Failed
User is not receiving calls.

404 Not Found
User not found, incorrect connection details, it often happens also that verification is not passed or tariff is not selected.

407 Proxy Authentication Required

408 Request Timeout
The problem is often solved by changing the VoIP server to the one closest to the service provider.

408 Timeout of waiting RPC result
Telegram limitations on API request intensity. It's recommended to decrease calling frequency.

480 Temporarily Unavailable
Some kind of temporary problems on provider's side.

486 Busy Here
User is currently talking or rejected the call.

500 Internal Server Error
503 Service Unavailable
Serious technical problems on provider side.

503 Too Many Requests: retry after XXX
Restrict Telegram on outgoing calls intensity.

603 Declined
Denied service without explanation.
List of possible errors on the SIP.TG side and explanations
380 Callback is restricted
Incoming calls are forbidden on Telegram account, must be allowed.

402 SIP account has disallowed settings
Tariff restriction, indicating use of paid Worker server, or assigning user to SIP account.

402 Total calls duration is exceeded
402 Amount of failed calls is exceeded
Rate restrictions indicating that total duration and number of failed
calls are exceeded respectively.

503 Too Many Requests: retry after XXX
Telegram's restriction on outgoing call intensity. Contact Telegram support.

408 Timeout of waiting RPC result
Telegram is limiting the intensity of API requests. It is recommended to decrease calling frequency.

480 SIP account is unavailable
Communication to SIP-server failed, account is in reconnection state.

480 SIP account is not active
Attempting to use a disabled SIP account. In rare cases it may briefly appear during software update/restart.

480 Worker is down
Worker for the account in use is (temporarily) disabled. In rare cases, may appear briefly during software update/restart process.

If you are unable to resolve the error yourself, you can ask for help from customer service or a public group.

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