Pricing features

Access to the capabilities of the platform is controlled by tariff plans. Each tariff plan can belong to several categories. Within each category the tariff plan belongs to, options are listed that control the available services and their volume. Some options have a variable value, depending on which the total cost of the tariff plan changes. Several tariff plans can be activated at the same time.

Tariff plan categories

There are three categories of tariff plans:

  • Softphone ☎️ — allows you to use the capabilities of a SIP Client (connect to telecommunication service providers via SIP protocol);
  • Gateway 🏪 — activates the ability to connect your Telegram account to a virtual PBX for incoming and outgoing calls;
  • Group 👪 — restrictions of the duration and amount of calls of this tariff applies to all group members who are granted access to the Worker.

Options and limitations

Options allow you to adjust the volume of services within the categories the tariff plan belongs to. All options are divided into the following classes: mutable and immutable, with counters and without counters. Depending on the nature of the option, its absence in the tariff can both remove the restriction and prohibit the use of the service associated with it.

The value of mutable options can be changed at any time: before and after activation the tariff plan. As usual, the value of such options affects the total cost of the tariff plan. The cost is recalculated in proportion of the remaining days of the tariff plan. If the new value is greater than the old value, the invoice for the missing amount is issued; if less, the excess is credited to the internal balance.

Options with counters accumulate the value in the process of using services for a certain period of time. If the limit is exceeded, all services affected by the option are suspended. The time interval is counted from the moment of the first call to the counter.

The table below shows all available options.

Name Category Description Values
All Workers - If Yes — you can choose any Worker (including private and public); No — only free and Workers of SIP template Yes / No
Group size - The maximum number of users in the group (only users who have access to resources are taken into account); when the limit value is exceeded, the group is disabled 0 - ∞
Call duration ☎️🏪 Maximum call duration 00:00:01 - ∞
Total duration ☎️🏪 The total duration of all calls over a period of time; when the limit value is reached, new calls are not available 00:00:01 - ∞
Success calls ☎️🏪 The number of successful calls over a period of time; when the limit value is reached, new calls are not available 1 - ∞
Fail calls ☎️🏪 The number of fail calls over a period of time; when the limit value is reached, new calls are not available 1 - ∞
SIP accounts ☎️🏪 The number of active SIP accounts in each mode (Softphone or Gateway) 1 - ∞
Lines 🏪 Maximum number of simultaneous calls (incoming + outgoing) 1 - ∞

The default values are indicated in bold (if options are not explicitly specified in the tariff plan).

Multiple tariff plans

When several tariff plans are active, the total volume of services is determined by the highest value of the options of activated tariff plans containing the same category. If the highest value is contained in several tariff plans containing the same category, the option is selected whose tariff plan expires earlier.

Tariff plans

Free tariff plan

This tariff plan is automatically activated to all users the first time you use the services of the platform. Under this tariff plan the following restrictions:

  • you can use only free Workers — some of the official ones belong to them; the use of private and public Workers is prohibited;
  • only one SIP account is allowed to be activated in each mode (SIP client and SIP gateway);
  • in SIP gateway mode only one line is available for calls (outgoing + incoming);
  • only 5 calls can be fail per hour;
  • the duration of the call can not exceed 2 minutes;
  • the total duration of conversations per day can not exceed 30 minutes.

Other tariff plans

The actual list of tariff plans is available by the command /tariff through the bot @siptg_bot. If you did not find a suitable offer, please contact support at @siptg_support — we will help you make a choice, or offer a tariff plan that meets your needs.

Payment methods

The bot @siptg_bot supports two types of payment:

  • Telegram Payments API — allows to pay in mobile Telegram application; supported payment system — Stripe (accepts credit cards);
  • through external window in web browser — allows to pay in any Telegram application; supported payment system — Yandex Checkout (accepts Yandex.Money, Sberbank.Online, Alfa-Click, QIWI Wallet, cash in Russia and CIS countries).

The above methods can top up both the internal balance of and pay for the activation of the tariff plan.

In the near future it will be possible to pay for services from the current bank account of legal entities in Russia. For details, contact support at @siptg_support.